espaços de trabalho do UNBL

What are UNBL workspaces?


We recognize that national data is often higher quality and better suited to countries’ needs for decision-making, monitoring, and reporting. UNBL offers free workspaces to stakeholders who need a secure area to access and use spatial data. Our workspaces can serve as a common data repository, offer a collaborative work environment, and enable you to calculate dynamic indicators for a subnational or transboundary area of interest.

We encourage users to explore how UNBL workspaces can help you to build communities of practice to transform data to action.

Request a UNBL workspace

If you are interested in a UNBL workspace, please start by registering for an account (see instructions aqui). Then, fill in the form below, and our team will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please note that due to commercial use restrictions we cannot create workspaces at this time for private sector institutions.